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Mar 13, 2018

Our question this week from Louise Harnby asked whether or not we should put audio only podcasts onto YouTube!

There are advantages and disadvantages to doing this both for your Podcast and for your Youtube channel, so we discuss all the pro's and con's.

As well as talk about the easiest ways to do this, and what to watch out for!


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The question for todays podcast came from Louise Harnby, and whilst she doesn't have a podcast herself.... YET ;) 

She is an excellent Proof Reader and Copy Editor. Check out her website here for lots of writing tips and help: 


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This podcast is made and presented by Chris Huskins and Ant McGinley - The Podcast Guys @ Abrupt Audio.

Recorded on 2x ATR2100 microphones, plugged in to a Zoom H6. Edited on Adobe Audition CC. Music purchased from

We recorded this episode live at Google Campus in London.


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