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PodTips - Podcasting Tips and Support

This podcast takes questions from YOU and answers them as quickly as possible. To join the community and ask questions go to the PodTips Facebook Community.

Jan 16, 2018

In this new series PodTips; we take questions from you the podcasting community and answer them within 60 seconds. If you want to take action after that point great, if you want to stick around after for more discussion, tips and tools; then that's great too!

This weeks question comes from Natalie Hailey who asks: "How do I set up my website with Libsyn hosting?"

Whilst this was specific to Natalie's hosting and site, we further looked in to if and why you might need a podcast website, what Libsyn is and whether or not you need a podcast host, plus much much more.

Natalie Hailey is the host of the Hot Content Podcast. Check it out here: 

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This podcast is made and presented by Chris Huskins and Ant McGinley - The Podcast Guys @ Abrupt Audio.

Recorded on 2x ATR2100 microphones, plugged in to a Scarlett 2i2o sound card. Edited on Adobe Audition CC. Music purchased from

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