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Jul 7, 2017

When we listen to podcasts it is often when we are alone. Share of ear figures from Edison Research shows that many podcasters listen in when in the car, at the gym, whilst exercising, walking the dog etc.

It is for this reason that some podcasts work well on a model of making people feel like part of the conversation or less alone, much like what a radio show presenter tries to achieve.

For me a podcast is great when it tells an awesome story, with high production values and a tight directed objective. However, this week’s podcast is almost the opposite of that, yet I still love it!

Find out why, and the inspiration you can take as a podcaster in this episode of The 'How to Podcast' Podcast.

This podcast will help you to launch or grow your podcast! Welcome to The ‘How to Podcast’ Podcast... Winner of the most imaginative title of the year award.

Each show we will focus on a slightly different area of podcasting:

Some episodes will look at the technicalities of podcasting, with everything from getting started, to our favourite podcasting tools and right through to how to grow your audience.

In others we’ll review a great show and look at what makes it great taking inspiration from every single one.

Plus we’re going to have some kickass interviews with some of the best podcasters out there, to really drill down on how they do, what they do.

The show is brought to you by Abrupt Audio, the podcast company. If you like what you hear and would like more help, go to for more podcasts, blogs and questionable vlogs. Plus you can get in touch to have us help you one-to-one.

The podcast is hosted by Chris Huskins and Ant McGinley, recorded in various places with various bits of kit... but always awesome!

So! Let’s not waste any more time, hit subscribe, hit listen, and enjoy!

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